Experience - Skill - Passion - Dependable

My ability to passionately study a subject and then strategize on ways to promote and advance that subject has been a hall mark of my career. I have experience in marketing positions in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors for many years.  Whether I was writing ad copy for deionizers or helping small retail stores with signage, I have been a champion of assisting individuals and businesses to achieve their best. I know how to market and get press for my clients. I know how to use the Internet to find resources to get the competitive edge for my clients.

I bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to my work  with clients. I am a practicing artist who loves to promote other artists. I am the executive producer of a weekly television program called "It's All About Arts". I write and publish a weekly column called "Art Dujour" in the Boston City Paper. I expertly use social media to find and promote opportunities for artists.

While I  offer the management of  all the tasks that come with marketing and promotion (writing, social media, ad creation, media placement, research, mailing list management), I also coach individuals and businesses on how to manage this process on their own. And while some may not want to spend the time doing their own marketing and promotion, I can give them the understanding of its value and what to expect.